New Site is

Adam Wimpenny


A Much Needed Update.

We spend so much time making websites for other people that sometimes our own presence gets neglected. Our old site was great, it won a few awards, was featured on AWWWARDS and on but it wasn’t the easiest to manage.

Its important for a design agency to be able to showcase our work to potential clients but we don’t really have a lot of time in between projects to create a decent portfolio entry. Each entry takes quite a lot of time. You have to mockup each design, write the spec, what you did, arrange everything neatly – it takes ages!

With our new site, we’ve streamlined the process so that it takes the bare minimum amount of time. It still takes a long time but around only takes around 50% of the time our previous site did which is a massive improvement.

Along with this, we’ve given everything a bit of a design update to bring things up to date with current design trends.


Iterative updates.

The plan moving forward is to apply updates to the site much more often. Completely redesigning a site for a company with active clients is far from ideal. Instead, we’ll be applying smaller updates at regular intervals to keep the site from looking stale.

This offers a much more time-effective and cost-effective development practice for maintaining a web presence. Some of our clients are already making use of this today.